Sandmatte is a universal PET film with single or double sided matte surface.
The matte surface is manufactured in a sandblasting process that can produce three different roughness grades.

Sandmatte films have good temperature stability and excellent wetability for printing applications. The matte surface offers anti-blocking properties preventing surfaces to stick together.

- Transparent basefilm
- White basefilm

- Conductive paste printing for membrane switches
- Stencil production
- Base film for labels
- Base film for metalizing (serial number labels etc.)
- Temperature and tear resistant tapes
- Leader tape for magnetic films
- General screen printing

The film is suited for processes such as laser- or die-cutting. 
For further details regardin our sandblast technology, please visit our dedicated Sandmatte page in Japan.

Sandmatte ENSandmatte documentation with product details and specifications in English download
Sandmatte DESandmatte Dokumentation mit detaillierten Informationen und Spezifikationen in Deutsch download