Hardcoated films

ElastoDur film shows excellent scratch resistance, good chemical resistance and high lifetime when used for membrane switch applications. Our films were designed in response to needs in the membrane switch and graphic overlay markets for a mechanically and chemically durable material that can be printed second surface, embossed, die-cut or laser-cut. A proprietary nano structured coating provides functional, aesthetic, mechanical and haptic properties while our custom engineered coating lines process the material under an ISO accredited quality system.  The ElastoDur line of films continues to evolve and provides a high performance process component for integration into advanced human machine interface technologies, flexible printed electronics, lenses, displays, touch screens, wearables and sensors.

Key benefits

  • Excellent scratch resistance
  • Superior flex life
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Embossable
  • Consistent surface quality
  • Second surface printable with excellent ink reception
  • First surface printable with clear, matte and texture UV curing inks
  • UL recognized base films


  • Membrane switches
  • Touch sensors
  • Fascia panels
  • Graphic overlays
  • Wearable sensors
  • Nameplates
  • Touch screens & Displays
  • Optical displays
  • Flexible printed electronics
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Kiosks/POS systems
  • Durable product marking labels

Optional Features
In addition to our standard products we offer some advanced options including:

  • Anti-Newton coatings:
    Improves optical properties, replaces the step of using spacers
  • Oleophobic/Anti-Fingerprint coatings:
    Disperse oil across the suface rendering fingerprints imperceptible
  • UV blocking:
    Blocks UV light as option for use in outdoor environments

ElastoDur ENElastoDur documentation with product details and specifications in English download
ElastoDur DEElastoDur Dokumentation mit detaillierten Informationen und Spezifikationen in Deutsch download