Enhanced grade / Antiglare topfoil for lamination on automotive displays 

VT01 is a hardcoated TAC material that is used as antiglare lamination film for the surface of automotive displays such as navigation systems. Our hardcoat technology protects the outer surface from damage and scratches and removes unwanted reflections.

The backside of this film is equipped with a permanent adhesive for glass laminaton providing shatter protection for passengers in case of an accident.

- TAC Base Film - non polarizing with high transparency / Transmittance 94.2%
- Minimizes reflections with AG/AR coating - Reflective index 0.4% / Haze 4.5%
- Antifingerprint properties / Contact Angle 114 degrees
- Adhesive layer offers shatter protection when laminated to cover glass
- Surface hardness 3H



DocumentationBrochure of Kimoto functional films for automotive applications download