SQHM3 is a self adhesive film with anti glare hard coating for screen protection.

This adhesive screen protection film is idealy suited to protect a multitude of popular display and touch screen operated devices such as: Smart phones, mobile phones, tablet computers, computer screens, digital cameras and navigation devices.

Our hardcoat technology protects the surface from damage and scratches. Films with glossy or matte anti glare surfaces are available to customize the device to your preference or application. The films are manufactured to srtict tolerances to guarantee the best possible light transmission and image quality.

Anti finger print technology suppresses unwanted residue that is common on today's touch operated devices. Cleaning is made easier due to the dirt repellant surface.

The film is equipped with an advanced adhesive layer that makes the application to the device as easy as possible. The film can be removed at any time without leaving traces of adhesive on the device.

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