Kimolec PF-90

KIMOLEC PF-90 is a transparent polyester film with excellent thermal stability for use in laser printers. The direct imaging of this film does not require a darkroom. The quality of the text and image reproduction is determined by the laser printer in use. Therefore, the laser printer should have a resolution of 600dpi or higher.


  • Direct imaging by laser printers
  • Daylight processing
  • High density
  • Direct copy on to the printing plate
  • Time and cost savings
  • Chemical free
  • Optional density increase through the use of KIMODENS spray

The optical density of KIMOLEC PF-90S laser film depends on the laser printer's toner technology. If a higher density is required, the simplest and cheapest method for occasional after treatment is Kimoto's KIMODENS PF-DENS SPRAY. It contains a special agent that refines and homogenises the grain size of the toner. This increases the density value up to 3.5
Spray evenly on the exposed side of the Kimolec PF-90S film from a distance of 30-40cm. The film is ready to be exposed after few minutes drying time.