Prosave: New carrier film FT100

Transparent carrier film for printed electronics and sensor production

We have added a new double sided carrier film Prosave FT100 to our product lineup.

The foil is designed to fix and protect delicate film materials during production processes such as printing, temperature treatment and cutting. One side uses a strong acrylic layer while the opposite side offers a low tack adhesive that allows the removal of the finished product without leaving traces of adhesive.

The new Prosave FT100 shares the same quality attributes with other Prosave products:
- Stable adhesive force over a wide temperature range allowing easy removal after processing
- Good transparence of the film, allowing visual inspection and laser processing
- Produced in clean room environment

Prosave FT100 joins our successful line of single sided carrier tapes Prosave EP and our protection films for touch display applications Prosave SQ using silicone adhesives.

Please contact us for further information and sample requests.