Filmsetter 340i

Kimosetter 340i

The Filmsetter 340i is a desktop CtF solution with the capability to image polyester films with a maximum printing area of 323x476mm. It is used by offset-, screen- and pad printers. This thermal transfer printer is using a completely dry, non-chemical process. Compared with laser films, the imaged films are toner free and the edge definition is sharper. Simple and clean operation is ensured through the use of easily exchangeable ink ribbons. The Filmsetter 340i is most suitable for text, high density solids and clean halftones.

The printer comes with an advanced RIP software that runs both on Windows and on Macintosh computers.

- Screenprinting
- Pad Printing
- Stamp making

Kimolec TH-90S

The film can easily be handled in daylight conditions and does not require fusing or chemical development, which might cause shrinkage . Its 0.075mm thick polyester base provides dimensional stability and ensures accurate image size as well as good registration. Through imaging Kimolec TH-90S with the Filmsetter 340i a UV density of 2.8~3.0 is achieved.

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Please note:
The Kimosetter line has been discontinued on the 1st of April 2015, so new printers are no longer available. Consumables and technical service are available until further notice.