Films with highest optical quality

Our KB-Film products are hardcoated polyester films that offer highest transparency and clarity while beeing scratch- and chemical resistant. The materials are idealy suited for applications that require outstanding optical properties.

Touchpanels and Displays

KB-Film is often used in the production of high quality displays and touchpanels that are installed in mobile phones, tablet computers or navigation systems. KB films are the base material for ITO sputtering or other printing processes that are used to create todays popular capacitive touch panels and other flexible electronics.


Planarized base film

Planarized basefilm for printed electronics

Base film for ITO sputtering

Transparent base film with Index matching hard coating

Transparent HC for printed electronics

Clear hardcoated PET film for copper based inks

Transparent HC for printed electronics

Clear hardcoated PET basefilm for alternative conductive layers

Antifingerprint HC / Icon sheet

Clear hardcoated PET with antifingerprint technology

Antiglare hard coat

Antiglare hard coated PET with permanent adhesive for displays

Antiglare surface / 53% Haze

Hardcoated, flexible PET film

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