Window films for protection and decoration

The Glasstect product line was developed to enhance window functionality and design by applying an adhesive film. Our products are made of high quality optical PET that makes the film invisible when applied to the window. All materials are for Interior installation and come with a strong acrylic adhesive that offers shatter protection in case a window is damaged.

Our window films include the following products:

  • Glasstect UPi : For long term window decoration
  • Glasstect Hi3 : With IR filter for heat protection
  • Glasstect 50Li : With shatter protection and UV filter
  • Glasstect CV : Condensation protection for in shop fridges


Long term window decoration

Printable PET based window film with UV and shatter protection

Heat protection film

PET based window film with IR filter and UV and shatter protection

Shatter and UV protection

Prevents the window from shattering when damaged and protects the interior from UV light.

Condensation protection

PET based window film with condensation protection

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